Vegetarian Diet Is A Menu For A Week

для вегетарианцев - меню

ВЕГЕТАРИАНСКАЯ ДИЕТАThe vegetarian diet is often compared with postal feeding. And they're absolutely right. "What is the meat necessary for the organism?" - ask you. The answer is simple, the rejection of meat does not mean that the organism does not receive the same substances, but it is already from other products such as beans.

Because of a certain molecular combination of plant proteins, the protein from the beans is very good with whites. It should also be noted that proteins contain a variety of amino acids. This means that when two different products are consumed together, amino acids in one protein can compensate for their absence in another. This principle is fundamental to any vegetarian diet.

The combination of plant proteins in cerebial leads to high protein quality. Take, for example, soybeans, this culture is known to be sufficiently high in protein. Only those soy products that are marked by the Bez GMO should be bought.

Vegetarian diet have a well-balanced diet based on cereals, beans, seeds, nuts and vegetables. For the organism, it means a mixture of complementary proteins.

In fact, there's nothing special about vegetarian diet, and the process of deterioration is totally classic. When you get less calories than you spend, you lose weight. It's a simple energy balance.

Every day, our system spends energy, running, floating, phithnes classes, and even when we sit at the working table. The amount of energy consumed depends on the type of physical load.

During every meal, our organism accumulates energy. With equal food and physical pressure, weight will remain stable if more calories are burned than is consumed, it leads to a loss of weight. And vice versa.

Therefore, in order to get rid of the excess weight, there is a need to reduce the flow of food calories and increase physical activity.

The Vegetarian diet offers to its supporters the significant benefits that many other methods of deterioration have shared.

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