Vegetarian Diet

но есть и полноценное

Dietologists strongly recommend that if meat is not forgotten about eggs and dairy products, they contain substances that are necessary to fully replenish the resources of older persons, as well as those suffering from chronic digestive and cardiovascular diseases. With these diet components, normal meat diet reversal is easier, and vegetarian diet A focus, not a tight vegetarian, is suitable for long-term use.

меню вегетарианца

What products should be included in the menu of vegetarian

It is the completeness of the diet that will affect your feelings and the velocity of the new food system:

  • Fruits, berries, vegetables will replenish minerals and vitamins, you will receive the necessary food fiber, sugar.
  • Fresh fruit juices and berries are great for coffee, thirst and energy and vitamin charges.
  • The beans are going to get strong, they're going to be as good as meat, and they're gonna fill the shortage of vegetable fats and proteins.
  • Eggs will be a source of animal fat and protein. Fresh and rich minerals, these products will make it easier to move away from meat. When entering the diet, it will be possible to use the diet long, since there is no “vegetarian deficit”, a person feels well.

We must ensure that the vegetarian diet is as diverse as possible. It is not necessary to repeat the same dishes every day - the caschis can be rotated, the dairy products used not only in cheese, but also in processed form or in combination with tags, dry fruits, etc.

As soon as you get used to the vegetarian diet.

The menu of a vegetarian could be considered as a rational approach to costs. Costly meat, fish and seafood are being removed from the " clean " table, and costs are declining significantly. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of vegetarianism, which is a good bona fide to cure and prevent many diseases.

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