Vegetarian Café

В меню это блюдо значится

01We invite you to the vegetarian café in the center of Moscow, to:
Leningrad p. 1, m. Belarusian.

The quiet atmosphere of Puti Cebe is unexpectedly resting from the city ' s loom and daily business.

The vegetarian menu of the ethnic cultural centre " Push to Sebe " has been updated and expanded thanks to Paul Johnson, World Chief.

Here, you can enjoy the marvellous salads with a unique combination of products, such as Parisien and salad with grapefruit, avocado and grenade. No one's going to leave an indifferent plume with a schuffran and a hammer, a pumpkin fried on a grill. And the brand-new Cedadelia, "Let's go," and the fahitos with vegetables will be delivered by the chef personally.

The Café Pushto Sebe Bar has a wide choice of tips and fresh juices.

They say vegetarianism contributes spiritual growth. You'll feel it, singing a unique place, the Café Push to Sebe.

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