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image 136Today, in the world of deformation, the vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular. Some people, because of lack of knowledge, believe that the essence of this mode of nutrition is the rejection of proteins of animal origin. Vegetarianism is like vegetarianism, but it is not worth putting these two concepts in one row, as they imply different methods of eating. The characteristics of the vegan ideology and diet, by which extra kilograms can be easily removed, are given in this article.

Life form, not diet.

Vegan nutrition is in fact a way of life. The man who defined himself as a vegan ceases to use animal products (maches, dairy products, eggs, honey). This way of life began in the 1970s.image 113 The vision of the vegans is based on the view that all biological species of the planet are equal, it is unacceptable that the priority of one living creature over another is unacceptable. Ideology followers are convinced that it is not ethical to grow some animals only to produce meat foods and others to meet the individual needs of someone to heal.

Despite the fact that such food is based on morality, many people with overweight choose a way of worsening. Compliance with the Vegan diet will be of maximum benefit if a special menu is developed that includes not only hot potatoes or raw vegetables but also other useful dishes.

Basic principles of the Vegan diet

The basic principles of respect for the Vegan diet are set out in the famous book Kin Barnouin and Rory Friedman, known as the Good Star.image 099 Main Boards for all those who wish to lose:

  1. Eliminate coffee from the diet, it affects not only the cardiovascular system but also the organism as a whole, polluting it. Caffeine-based beverages cause an excessive sense of hunger, and people are often overnourished.
  2. Don't use fast food, especially fries. All the fast-tracking food over time gives you an extra pound. Although potato is fried on fryure - a product of vegan power, it is not good enough.
  3. The diet should be based on vegetables in any form (light, carcasses) as well as whole grain products. It is not recommended that soy products and special vegan food be too much fun. The best ratio of fruit, soy and cereals, mushrooms, nuts and beans is approximately 6:4:2.
  4. It's only when there's a strong sense of hunger.
  5. Alcohol and condite articles that do not contain lectine, desirable and other components of such origin may be used.

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