The Culinary Bloger Has Collected 90,000 Roubles In A Week For The Green Recipe Book

Итак, нам понадобится


Bloger Ala Zamakhine collected almost 90,000 roubles in a week to produce an e-book of vegetarian prescriptions for cookers. After that success, Ala decided to continue collecting funds to produce a printed version of the book. The project may be supported by anyone who wishes to sacrifice 50 roubles on the Wholesome way project: recipes from plant components on the Boomstarter platform.

The author of the future culinary masterpiece started as a bloger. Thanks to delicious prescriptions, photos and Ale himself, her journal now attracts more than 10,000 unique visitors a month. The next step in the development of his blog is the author ' s finding of a culinary book.

"My book for those who love cooking. It's not just vegetarians. We don't eat meat every day. According to my readers, a lot of people wonder how to include more vegetables in their diet, someone just wants to try to make a new dish. I'm even texted by random visitors, "I tried to make it good. Thank you.

As Ala tells, she always wanted to simplify, replace ingredients or redo. All right, one time, she changed the meat recipes to vegetarians. Thanks to this experiment, the book has hamburgers, burritto and keadilla from plant components.

“I am not looking for ready prescriptions, but I am inspired by the kitchens of the world ' s peoples: American, Asian, eastern, Indian or bishops, such as Soviet. I can see a culinary magazine or find a "good" picture, and then come up with a dish. All my prescriptions are 100% original.

Apart from the recipes in the book, there will be tips where to buy food. The author promises that most ingredients can be purchased at the nearest supermarket. The foundation of the book will be simple prescriptions for each daybut for amateurs of Ale's mind, it will publish complex options that require time to prepare.

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