That There's A Vegetarian In Winter

Зимний фруктовый десерт

Light salads and cool kefier are good summers, but it doesn't make any sense in the cold of a year. The main heroes of the vegetarian in winter are the recipes of warming soups from the colorful roots, as well as vegetarian salad recipes from bean, crup and worn vegetables.

1. Hot vegetarian soups

Borsch, jeez, peas and mushroom soup, classic vegetarian menu♪ It can be updated. Natalia Lebedinsky's vegetarian doctor is making a bean fighter and a quaint cabbage. GIVI instructor! Alexei Merculov adds a spinach to the burglar and makes a ows soup. " We need to chew the curtains for 20 minutes, add to this boiler algae, carrots, potatoes, miso, chili. " Spinal soup, soup soup from pumpkin and carrots, the gazpacho in winter is happy with bright color.

2. Throat

Yogin Alexei Merculov doesn't eat milk products in winter - they cool. He prefers the soy paste miso: “Multiful protein, and it is very rare, gives strength”. Natalia Lebedinski, on the other hand, does not represent the winter menu without the creativity and the kefier: the cheese furnace, mixes the creech with nuts and dry frucs, fills the soups and warm salads with the kefire. One of the luckiest creativity in the cold time of the year is a rice, Greek and berries.

3. Corne fruit

The celery root and the root of the pearls are unusable compared to the carrots, the beetles and the causal roots on our table. Meanwhile, it's the perfect replacement of the potato in wintertime. They can be fed up, fed and cooked in soups, and they're delicious. Try, for example, a quick soup-pührer from a colored cabbage and the roots of the selery and baccalatan soup. Natalia Lebedinsky's advice is to be a little gentle in the pork's pulp, to make pancakes with her, to add to the pot.

4. Ragu, Kashi and warm salads with beans and crups

Natalia Lebedinski is cooking a bucket with vegetables and mixing in the salad with carrots, cabbage and rivers. Inna Widgof's carrots, carrots, sunshine seeds, and he's running lung butter and soy sauce.

Alexei Merculov prepares hot dishes in two parts of the evil and one part of the beans. Reimbursement without problems will be facilitated by falafel, humus and warm salad with baccalaines and numeras, risotto from the perforation and Bulgarian peppers, fured with rice and vegetables.

5. Vegetable boilers

Potatoes, mushrooms and greens receive very appetite vegetable boilers. It's good for them to add almonds or walnuts.

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