Tested: Is It Easy To Be A Vegetarian

Вегетарианские котлеты

Испытано на себе: легко ли быть вегетарианцемThere are no irreplaceable products on the human diet, so either one of us can give up meat, and by adhering to certain rules, there's nothing to lose.

I've always treated meat enough. On a scale of taste, meat products were in the second five favorite food between salted fish and sea cabbage. But one day, " On the Contact " , he ran into the film reviews of the Earth.

I've seen the movie myself, a couple of similars, and I've learned to look at meat at the moment is just unpleasant. Of course, I knew the smokescreen was made out of pork, but I never thought that a living pig to remove the cheek before being shot washed up. It was a very pathetic pig.

Испытано на себе: легко ли быть вегетарианцемIn order to avoid unnecessary questions and not waste the dust of the enthusiast, I decided not to tell anyone about changes in my diet. Husband is a confident meatloaf for which the absence of a favoured product will be the most sophisticated torture, and children did not participate in the experiment.

Removed a mountain of literature, carefully thought about the menu of his family for a week ahead, learned a great number vegetarian prescriptions - Six months without meat products gave me a new, invaluable experience. By the way, many of my beliefs about vegetarians were wrong.


  • Vegetarians are amazing people who just don't eat meat.

Испытано на себе: легко ли быть вегетарианцемAmong the vegetarians, as among other people, something fascinated, there are different groups with some " diets " .

Vegans are people who eat only vegetable food in carcasses, cheese and urine, removing not only meat but eggs, dairy products and honey from their diet.

Cheeriods are those who only eat raw food. Yeah, yeah, and the beetle and the potatoes are in cheese. And what cakes do they produce exclusively from unprocessed products...

Lactovegetarians include not only vegetable food but also a variety of milk products.

Lactoovegetarians are the most “right vegetarians, from the point of view of doctors and diatheologists. Their diet excludes meat, but welcomes some seafood, eggs, milk, cheese, creativity, honey, kefier, rag, simplic. It is the menu that offers those who want to cure their organisms without medicine and unnecessary interference.

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