Reveal Of Bread Dependence

Бутерброды На скорую руку

I don't know about you, and I can't live without bread. At least a piece of cake a day, all-eyed and avocado cream, but I'm eating. It's bad that sometimes it's out of control, and then I can eat some rusty mini-bagette with garlic and grass, still warm and aromatic. I'm very aware of all the consequences, and they're coming fast, heavy, ripped, reduced energy and productivity, disbalanced and lazy. But while I eat, it's a pleasure!

I think you're smiling right now because you know that too.

At the same time, I walk perfectly calmly past chocolates and cakes, but bread, especially at home, hot, fresh, is my infinite love.

One time I tried to fight this habit, and I have to say, it just got worse. The greater the will I am investing in the survival of my life, the less happy I feel. It happens because I mean, if you want to change some old habit, it won't work.

What's working? Inspiration! Only it gave me the results. Inspiration is like nitrous oxide in the movie Forsage: you should turn on and move forward with space speed. So, there's a good practice that helps to inspire inspiration and create the same fall that allows the mountains to be turned down. Try it!

хлебцы2.jpgWhat is it? I didn't stop eating bread, but now I'm enjoying it with a calm shower. No self-defense and guilt. It's just that I'm regulating the use of bread now. These are my inviolable rules that help me keep my passion in my ears, and don't feel bad. Take them to the notice if you have the same addiction:

  • Eat bread from 11 to 15 hours when the digestive fire is strongest.
  • Eat bread once a day.
  • Drink the bread yourself using all-star flour, and preferably free of corn.
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