New Summer Menu At The Café

Помимо основного меню

ukrop5.jpgThe weather spoiled the Pereburns with warm days, the city greened and spread, and the first harvest in Ucrope was a new summer menu! It was a season of light and fresh, and it was also very diverse and certainly original.

The summer menu was cooked all spring. It is interesting that, this time, almost all Ucropa ' s team -- chefs, condiers, managers -- participated in its creation. Ideas came from our friends, the true censors of the vegetarian kitchen, and we were happy to work on their implementation. That's why the menu worked out incredibly diverse and creative. In the official cafe band Ucrop, we will soon necessarily present all our talented culinars with their creations. And now the main :

ukrop4.jpgThe obvious advantage of the new menu is the large number of second meals. There's been a real, complete choice for vegetarian, vegan and vegetation supporters. For example, the menu rose from two raw materials to five very rare and interesting meals. The greens with Ucrop (raw) sauce based on zuquini, walnuts and nori algae are a real find for cheese and fresh light food amateurs. It's a worthy competitor who deserves good glory in the Ucrope with herbal kittens and mushrooms.ukrop6.jpg Another novel: green peas and pistachios (vegan) is very original in taste and nutritious. At the request of our guests, the menu had a delicious Falafel with a Humus and a tar from the cucumbers (vegan).

It's also possible to open completely magical things among soups and salads. Tuscan soup with selery (raw) The best. Bob soup (vegan) for those who are hungry, the Unusual Vision with Avocado (raw) in which all ingredients are raw.

ukrop1.jpgAmong the desserts, the most incredible is the Snow Coconut (raw) from the main condite of the Ucrope, Olga Burtsova, rots in the mouth and, of course, the Ra ' s pleasure : Cheese-kayki loves everyone, and finally, the Ucrope showed up with his Domacchik on a mascarpoon cheese with a bruston jam. Fruit-fruct topping is also a long-awaited and organic supplement to the summer range of desserts.

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