"Net Taste" As The First Vegetarian Cafe Opened Up In The Petrosal


Last year, we were writing about an online café in our town, where we could order vegetarian dinners for the house or the office. So, not long ago, the Pure Taste project has settled on the Pervomai Prospect, 9, and hosts the guests in the bright hall. The delivery of the dishes, of course, was preserved. The risk is to open the first in Petrozavodsk veg café and where it comes from. prescriptionsWe're talking to the owner of the Svetlana Valdaeva.

Svetlana, open a cafe where only the vegetarian menu is a pure adventure!
♪ Of course, the risks are very high. If I was a normal businessman who only thinks of money, I would never do that. But for me, it's creativity and self-realization and lifestyle. That I can't imagine my world without. The team that created the Clean Tastes Project knew that we had a long-awaited need for such a café. In Petrozavodsk, there's a small but active vegetarian community. More people are thinking about a reasonable approach to their health and proper nutrition. This is a world trend, for Europe and the major cities of our country, the existence of a veg café is long overdue. I'm sure we'll have that direction.
The vegetarian menu in the regular cafe is always a sort of compromise. The vegetarians know that the dishes are cooked in the same dishes as all the rest of the menu. It's not fundamental to anyone, but it's important to me, for example. In our kitchen, we monitor compliance with certain rules. Strict vegetarian may be sure that the " unnecessary " products in his dishes will certainly not fall.

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