If You're A Vegetarian

Вегетарианский эко-буфет

Если вы вегетарианец Vegan diet menu
If you do not carry meat and knowingly fill the vegetarians, it is important to ensure a balanced diet in order to obtain the most necessary substances for the organism. Veganism is the most vegetarian type. But sometimes, to comply with his rules, don't even care about meat to normalize the pressure, the work of the heart, reduce cholesterol, etc. We propose to meet the features of a balanced diet for vegans.

No animals on the table!
For newcomers, it's spring or summer. She'll help you avoid avitaminos problems and unload after a tight winter diet. But be prepared for sufficiently severe restrictions: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey (if just a little). We need to avoid excruciating fermentants used for raw materials, painter, carmine (E120), desirable (possible to substitute agar-agar).

It is important to read carefully the information on the packages so as to exclude Kazein, lactosis, serum, cream oil. An alternative to the milk diet will be soy food, for example, a tofu that fits even for desserts.

All done.
In any diet, it is important to maintain a harmonious combination of humanly needed substances: fat, carbs, sugar, protein, salt, etc. For example, in order to achieve the optimal number of calories per day - 2,000, most of the vegan diet will take carbs (260g), fats are sufficient and 70g, protein is 50g and cages are 24g. Sugar in this menu is offered to use 90gs, and the salt is only about 6g.

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