How To Pick Vegetarian Cheese At The Store


Вегетарианские сырыI decided to write an article on vegetarian stored cheese, because I've recently found that many of you think that once the cheese is dry, it's a non-vegetarian product. Fortunately, it's not.

As you know, Scary - It's part of the stomach of gum animals. Little veal makes a little ferment. Reninwhich is used in the production of raw materials. However, in order for this enzyme to be harvested, the veteran in a month ' s age is obscured, so the vegetarians naturally do not use the fermentor ' s products.

But not everyone is so sad for vegetarians, because there are substitutes for this very rare enzyme, only non-lived (microbial) origin, which are widely used in the production of raw materials, especially imported ones. These vegetarian cheeses say: microbial (microbiological) microbial fermentationor a secular ferment (fermental) microbial (natural) origin or microbial reinn.

So if you read the word microbial, microbial, microbacterial, non-lived, vegetable, you can buy that cheese because you have a typical enzyme in this case of bacterial or plant origin, not animal. There are also other names of the vegetarian " origin " that you may meet in the composition. They are listed below.

Rigid fermentants used in cheese production:

  • " Milase " , by enzyme Rhizomucor miehei, not genetically modified mushrooms
  • Chymogenic
  • Fromase web - obtained through the enzyme of Mucor miehei
  • MaxilactHO is a enzyme derived from special strains of dairy mushrooms
  • Suparen web is a microbial enzyme from Cryphonectria (Endothia) parasitica
  • "Meito Microbial Rennet” - MeitoTM produced by fermentation and further drying of vegetable food mushrooms
  • CHY-MAXO - Aspergillus niger fermentation
  • Maxirenite - fermented by dairy blades Kluveromyces lactis
  • 100 per cent Himozin means the chimodine obtained at the enzyme of the special fungus.

Chymogen, ChyMax and Maxiren are obtained by genetic engineering when bacterias introduce a gene that is responsible for synthesis of the chemical (basic enzyme). However, the chemical produced by this method does not contain the DNA of the microorganisms it produced.

Вегетарианские сыры «Казерай Шампиньон» Вегетарианский сыр

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