How To Make A Balanced Vegetarian Menu

меню в день рождения Гостя

Как составить сбалансированное вегетарианское менюNot to eat meat is called not just dietologists, but famous people. Jessica Chestin, Olivia Wild and Natalie Portman are only a few of this long list of star vegans and vegetarians. However, it must not be forgotten that the basic requirement of our organism for food is its balance. Important vegetation notes are in the OC material!

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It is necessary for everyone to make a food plan regardless of the world view. The presence or absence of milk, meat and eggs in the diet does not yet guarantee a balanced diet. Despite the fact that people eating purely vegetable food consume fewer calories, and in their diet, more cage, potassium and vitamin C, with other vitamins and micronutrients, the case is not as happy.

It is long known that commitment to the vegetarian food system helps to reduce the risk of infarction, hypertension and diabetes. But in order to avoid the reduction of immunity, low blood and visual problems, it is necessary to produce a diet without “problems”, taking into account several factors.

Vegetarian menu must be diverse

Alternative micronutrients should not be stopped on one product. Okay, the squirrel is in the movie, but that doesn't mean that this product needs to be used in a large number. Add broccoli to the diet, lenient, nut, spinate, humus, nuts and beans. Don't forget " superfudes " or products with useful characteristics. For example, the green algae of alcohol contains not only a squirrel, but also a long list of most of the necessary vitamins and micronutrients. Chia seeds, not tasted, are not lagged, but they are filled with fat Omega-3 and Omega-6, usually derived from fish and seafood.

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