Floor Dishes For Not Strict Vegetarians

Мы просто любим то

Крупеник из гречкиWe can talk about the benefits of the Vegetarian dishes for a very long time, but this is not the subject of our article. Let us just say that if there is a fantasy and a non-standard approach, any menu can be turned into a daily cooking masterpiece. All you have to do is save some food, patience, and stop taking the vegetarian menu as a hungry diet. It's not like that. Food without meat can be delicious, diverse, and it's really good.

Our article will be today on the flourish vegetarian dishes and urination. To be comfortable, we've split the prescriptions for the poor and sweet. The first may be a basis for the holiday table, the second one is a great dessert for a special occasion or every day.

vegetarian walnut, cheese and eggs

400 grams of Greeks pouring hot milk, pouring 2 st. l. oil, 3 st. l. cheese, pre-vased, 3 cut eggs, welded. We're shaking the mass, putting it in the pancreas, we're going to have cheese and panic ears. We're just going to swallow oil, put it in the oven and wait for the dishes to be covered by a rumble appetite crust. We'll put oil or cream.

Rice in Polish

Very simple vegetarian. Speedy hand recipe♪ 200 grams of welded rice are put in a dish with a pot. We've got hot butter (3 st. l.), we've got four cut eggs, we've got a pinch.

Как легко приготовить творожное суфлеRis Italian

We're putting 200 grams on the hot butter pan, we fire. Bludo is served with cheese.

Rapid vegetarian pancakes

2 eggs need to be swallowed, after which two glasses of milk ( warm) and two glasses of water are added to the mixed. We add a table spoon of oil. Slowly pouring the flour ( ideally the belt) into our testo. Drinking pancakes.

Vegetarian creams

We laugh two eggs, two glasses of milk, 150 ml of water and salt. We're preparing a fix-- 400 grams of creativity, we're asking for two eggs, 500 grams of ears, salt and sugar. We're going to have a tone, we're gonna cut a glass out of the lollipop on. It's nice to bury, then we'll chew in the boiler (preliminarily premeditated), and we'll go to the table. It's possible to eat with vegetable oil or smelt.

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