Diets For Rapid Deterioration

вегетарианская диета для

Диеты для быстрого похудения фотоIf you need to drop a few or three pounds immediately, the quick diet is a low-calorian diet that is poor with proteins, minerals and food fibers. Regrettably, the dried kilograms are likely to return quickly, but removing visible fat depositions to a quick diet is a feasible task.

Efficient diet for rapid deterioration is more often severe diet, which is recommended for only a few days because longer compliance is a major blow to the organism.

The fast diet listed below will allow you to lose almost free.

Diet for rapid deterioration

(3 days and less 3-5 kg)

This diet is good for worsening fast, called it "Jokey."

Diet menu:
1 DAY is only 1 chicken who has to wrap up without salt. You can't use a cigarette. The price should be divided into three meals.
2 DAYs are only 300 grams of veal, which also feeds without salt and is divided into 3 foods.
3 DAYs, only drink 4-5 coffees without sugar.

It's the fastest and most efficient diet, but at the time of its application, you may be accompanied by dizziness and weakness.

Diet for rapid deterioration 2 - vegetarian diet

(3 days and less 3 kg)

The first and third day of diet includes food for vegetables and the second day is necessary
To consume fruit.

Men of vegetable day:
Breakfast is vegetable juice filled with tomato (4 st) + coffee or tea with lemon
Lunch is cucumber salad (groan + green onion) or green salad + coffee or tea with lemon
Dinner - carcasses or nut vegetables (cabs and spinach, add some lemon juice) + limon tea

Fruit day:
Breakfast is an apple salad, orange and grapefruit + coffee or tea with lemon
Lunch - 1/2 melons and salad from breakfast menu
Dinner is lunch menu

Diet for rapid deterioration 3 - grapefruit and potatoes

(4 days and less 1, 5 kg)

In this diet, it is quickly allowed to eat eggs, vegetables and fruit.
Breakfast is grapefruit juice, 1 vain egg + tea or lemon coffee
Lunch is charade, worn or in the form of purple 1 potatoes, apple + tea or lemon coffee
Dinner is tomato juice, half grapefruit, 1 vain egg + lemon tea

Diet for rapid deterioration 4 - watermelon diet

(5 days and less 5 kg)

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