Diet At Pancreat - Table 5P

Суп рисовый вегетарианский при

Diet No. 5p at pancreatith is used in the case of chronic pancreatitis when healed. Through this methodology, the functioning of the pancreas is normalized, the whispering regime for the intestines and the stomach for chemical and mechanical irritations is being achieved, and the inclination of the bladder is reduced.

Basic nutritional characteristics

Chronic Pancreatite 5 is based on reduced fat and carb consumption in favour of protein food, so the diet excludes or minimises sugar, extraactive substances, cartilage fats, purine, air oils, cholesterol and rough cells. The use of this methodology helps to enrich vitamins and lipropes. Products are allowed to be cooked, fed or cooked for a couple, but can only be delivered in milled or lost form. The hot, cold and hot meals of diet 5 at the pancreatite prohibit the inclusion of diet.

Energy value and chemical composition

The patient ' s daily diet shall be in accordance with the following chemical composition:

  • 300-350 grams, of which only 30-40 grams are allowed for sugar
  • Squirrels 100-120 grams, of which 60 per cent should be animal
  • 70-80 grams, of which 15-20% are plant
  • Weld salt consumption is reduced to 10 grams
  • Free liquid volume is 1, 5 litres
  • Energy value of 2,500-2600 kcal

List of recommended and excluded products and products

Bread and flour products. Breasts of Class I and Class II wheat may be used in the underwear or yesterday ' s baking, as well as dry unlucky biscuits. Remove fresh and rusty bread, as well as articles of a similar or layered test.

Soups. Dieta 5p at Pancreat. vegetarian prescriptions Soups using leaked potatoes, cables, carrots and pumpkins. It is permissible to add 10 grams of cream oil or 5 grams of cream oil. The soups on the mushroom, as well as on the fish and meat boilers are prohibited. In addition, cold soups, such as beetles and rabbits, cannot be eaten.

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