Cold Vegetarian Soups

Постный гречневый суп

Холодные вегетарианские супыFor anyone who wants to freshen up in a hot spring-year weather without consuming animal products, we've gathered the most delicious cold vegetarian soups in this kit. Cold soups don't end up with a little beverages! We'd love to share the secrets of the most delicious vegetarian soups.

It's better to eat vegetable soups without meat, sausage and stuff. Such soups will not burden an organism that has to combat dehydration and rapid exhaustion. In the end, after dinner or dinner, you will not feel sorrow, but a great feeling, as you know, the key to success in everything!

After the use of meat and meat products, there's a lot of energy going on, so all the heat residues will be spent on rewinding, and the meat-killer will feel fatigue, weakness and sleepy.

In our country, cold vegetable soups without meat products are cooked in the heat from time immemorial, as can be said of many cuisines in the world, people everywhere are trying to cope with their knowledge by eating the most appropriate meals for such weather. We'll talk about the cold. vegetarian soupachRussian and foreign kitchens.

Receptacles of cold vegetarian soups

One of the world ' s most famous vegetarian soups was Spanish Gaspacho, which is based on tomatoes. This soup belongs to the Mediterranean kitchen, it saturates perfectly, leaving a sense of ease and freshness after use.

Recipe for the cold soup Gaspacho

It would be necessary to: 1 kg of ripe tomatoes, 2 tooths of garlic and sweet red peppers, 1 lemon, a thymane, a cucumber, a sharp red pepper, a white bath, 1st olive oil, red wine vinegar, Tabasco, salt.

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