Children ' S Vegetarianism: For And Against

Туристический комплекс “

вегетарианствоEvery year, the army of vegetarians is filled by new recruits. I'm sure every meatyard with ease will find in its surroundings a man who has changed the gastronomy in favour of vegetable food. The green side of the invisible front has reasons. This step is the way of life, religion, health or personal conviction.

Most of the supporters of the vegetarian feeding system, thinking about the continuation of the species, place themselves at a difficult diet for their children. Someone believes that they should not derogate from their food principles and the nutritional status of the child. Someone's convinced that the paediatric system of child nutrition is what a small organism needs. Who's right?

The Journalist of Catherine, a vegetarian currently living in Thailand, has carried out several food experiments, during which the optimum diet has been developed. She removed meat from her menu, leaving fish, seafood, milk.овощи Ekaterin's children plan to feed the same system. On the question of the deprivation of a child ' s choice, whether or not to be a vegetarian from birth, Catherine has a clear position.

“I don't think I'm losing my children's choice. Why doesn't anyone think the formation of certain food habits as a child is the deprivation of choice at all times? You can also say that including meat in the child's diet, I'm losing his choice. I think it's much scarier to see moms buy their kids gum, marmalade, coca-cole or chips. Is that part of the paediatric system? Fighters for the meat concept Vitamin B12 and iron, which is just necessary for a child to grow and develop properly, is somehow deviating from its principles by making children candy, plugs, sweets. Regrettably, I have not seen any other family members of the vegetarian system who seek a perfectly healthy, fully nutritious meal.” I told Catherine.

On the contrary, I'm sure you can't limit children to meat.

"When I was a vegetarian, I was a little unwise about health, though at that point I felt like I was smarter than anyone. I thought that my way of life would be a good way to move to family life, and my children would be eating vegetable food, too, told Marlene.

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