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Готовим карри: 5 простых рецептовIn the meantime, people from different countries are increasingly interested in merchandise that characterizes foreign kitchens. So our culinaries, wishing to change the menu and surprise the closest interesting meals, cooking houses of rocks and sushi, pizza, risotto and many other dishes. Today we'll learn to cook curry.

Carrie is mainly associated with Indian kitchens, but other countries have a popular dish, for example, in Thailand, and although there are some characteristics of its preparation, all the options for this dish are similar to a specific set of specifications and some of the characteristics of the preparation.

In the European kitchen, it's accepted to call the term curry any dishes that have been prepared with the carry right. Which, in general, does not run counter to the fact that, from the point of view of the culinary, the correctness would be to speak of curry not as a specific dish, but as a certain category of dish.

Thus, curry is the second dish that is produced from a wide variety of ingredients (belts, birds, beans, vegetables, fish, etc.), but always with carri powder. This powder is an already prepared mixture of spices to prepare curry. The roots of the Kurkum, Corinandr, red, shower and black peppers, corn, nut, nail, ginger, cinnamon, peanut, garlic, garlic, salt, patron and other specialties may be included. As in the case of a dish, carrie powder can be prepared from different buckets and spices depending on the chef ' s possibilities and wishes.

Any carriage is characterized by a densely saturated aromat, which is linked primarily to the history of its emergence: in the heat of India, people have had to find ways to save meat, fish and bird from cutting, and bacteria. The unpleasant smell of Indians, they tried to smash the spices, and they helped kill the bacteria, so they came up with curry.

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