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Today, we will tell us how to feed passengers flying different classes on Aeroflot airplanes as a menu on flights to and from Cyprus and Greece (Larnaca and Athens).

Фото обеда в самолете для бизнес-классаUsually, we travel to the sea in economy class charter or regular flights. And on board the plane, we're offered a standard menu, a modest, simple and sad menu. Our choice is usually limited to answering the question: chicken or fish? The democratic prices of tickets determine the menu that airline offers. And I've always wanted to know what kind of food gives the owners of expensive tickets in the business class salon - what they feed - than the flight of these people is different from our taste, the environment, the curves and the sense of life. Are you interested?

Furniture or free meals on aircraft

The value of the regular Aeroflot economy or business class ticket includes the cost of boarding the aircraft. If you want some culinary searches or a special menu, you can order other food, but in advance.

What's the difference between a special menu on a plane ordering from a normal order.

The alternative special menu for different flights is designed to take into account the following characteristics:

  • and seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • Preparing food according to religion:
  1. Muslim menu (prohibited use of porcine, desirable, alcohol) - MOML code;
  2. Coin for Jews (cooking of kitchen cooking) - KSML code
  3. Hindu non-vegetarian, Hindu. Baranine, bird, fish, milk - buckle and sharp food - HNML code
  4. Post (sing)vegetables, fruits, nuts, pots, mushrooms and exclude meat, fish and dairy products- VJML code;
  1. fruit menu (lighten fruit, exact composition of the diet depends on the duration of the flight) - FPML code
  2. Vegetarian strict (strict vegetarian diet, no animal food, milk and eggs) - VGML code;
  3. Vegetarian Hindu/Only Asian Vegetarian (foods without meat and fish with limited use of dairy products) - AVML code.

Закуски из рыбы, которые подают в самолете пассажирам (меню Аэрофлота) Чем кормят в самолетах Аэрофлота Фото еды Аэрофлота

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