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Foreign experience: organic food in juar
В Лондоне можно купить или

Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 2.House yogurt with no fat, honey from Mark's beekeeper, unprocessed granola with nuts and small from the local berm, it looks like a typical breakfast in UAR, all ingredients for which they sell at the supermarket across the road. In Cape Town, Johannesburg and other cities, farmers ' markets are opening, more like fashion parties, and restaurants are increasingly hosting their own gardens, where dinner is literally growing in front of their eyes. And while the fashion for all organically took the country a little while ago, it became one of the organizational champions. Specially for The Village Xenia Mardin found out how and why it happened.


There's something that grew up in the region, first of all, more delicious, and secondly, more useful, in Europe than in Russia.Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР — Иностранный опыт на The Village Nicolas Sarkozy provides subsidies to French farmers every year, and the Boro market operates in London, where he travels from all over the country to trade cabbages from his private place. Swissair and Lufthansa have already started organic lunches, no chemists or hormones. Cheese from a neighbouring village and ferry milk are still unavailable in large cities in the mornings, but the choice of organic stickers becomes the same as stunting in the trash.

The rest of us are lucky to have fresh and clean food.Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 4. Mandarin from Limpopo province, copper from the Karou desert, a track from the Indian Ocean, a salt from the Atlantic - 80 per cent of the products in the conventional supermarket are made, grown and recovered within the country. The problems of pale tomatoes that freeze several times and the chemistry of stone apples are not in principle. There's a few reasons, but the main thing is, UAR is actually the least lucky one.

One of the first organists was Prince Charles - in 1981 he bought the Highgrove House estate and took over the gardening. And in 1990, the company was opened. Organic Duchy Originals.
Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 5. Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 6. Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 7. Иностранный опыт: Органическая еда в ЮАР. Изображение № 8.
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