Topol Eco Company Production

Эко-деревня Зайцево

The production facilities of TOPOL-ECO were launched many years ago. The company ' s production is now available at: RF, Moscow Region, Lobni, Gorny, D. 104.

To date, the Company ' s production is a complex of production units with a larger area. 3 500 m2to ensure a complete phase of the construction of treatment plants. Warehouse area is more than 5 500 m2 They're stores of finished products, polypropylene warehouses, plumbing supplies. In addition to the submarine warehouses, the company has regional warehouses: St. Petersburg, Rostove na Donu, Samara, Catherineburg, Novosibirsk, Habarovsk and Ukraine. The availability of large storage capacity and supply of kits provides additional competitive advantage and enables customers to be offered short lead times for the manufacture and delivery of equipment.

The production facilities of TOPOL-ECO contain the latest machines and equipment from leading world producers such as Leister, Wegner, Metabo, Bossh. They allow for many improvements in the quality and speed of cleaning facilities. All finished installations are subject to a multi-stage quality control system: checking the quality of the assembly and the operational capacity of the cleaners, checking the leakproofness. The work of the Technical Control Unit virtually excludes productive marriage.

In 2011, a new facility was launched with welded and flexible machines. This equipment enables the production of products that require the ability to withstand recurrently increasing loads.

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