Production Of The Northern Eco

Caucasus Eco-Brand
знак эко-отличия е3

Photo AO North Caucasus Development Corporation

♪ Goods under the brand of North Caucasus ECO will soon be stored. It might take a couple of years to recognize the brand.

The North Caucasus Development Corporation (KRSC) received a certificate from the Federal Intellectual Property Agency on the right to use the trademark " North Caucasus product " in Russia. CRSC supported the Ministry of Northern Caucasus Affairs, and the idea of establishing such a brand was originally owned by the President ' s ex-officio at the SCF, Vice-Prime Minister Alexander Chloponin.

The CDCC plans that the North Caucasus Product of ECO will be fully presented in Russian trade networks in 2016.

The first stricker of a brand under "0001" was labelled during the Sochi presentation. He got it. Makers Limineria for the production of the AO Quaminkurt Resources is the only non-dropt user of the Tambukan cure dirt.

As the Director-General of CRSK, Sergei Hariton, has said, many entrepreneurs and regional authorities have been interested in this brand. The APC project is particularly interested.

"It is now crucial to take a good start, and from the start of the project, to show that it is serious and long, and the most important thing is that it has real benefits for the business and the people of the region," is Sergei Hariton.

The organizers are in the process of establishing a register of CFCF commodity producers and selecting a single operator for voluntary certification. Under eco-labels, they plan to sell, inter alia, agricultural products, industrial goods, cosmetics, mineral waters, alcoholic beverages.

The next step is to harmonize certification standards and the terms of use of trademark. In parallel, at the level of the Ministry of Northern Caucasus and Regional Authorities, we must identify tools to encourage producers to voluntarily certify. You don't have to wait without that result. There may be both regional support in the form of concessions and subsidies and a priority in the implementation of certified products on the shelves of Russian stores, as explained by the CFC CEO.

As the certification system is voluntary, all market participants will be on an equal footing. The Brenda Operator proposes to use the labelling of certified products, the North Caucasus ECO product, as an additional product to the certificates already available.

"It does not mean that someone will have to give up their own existing brands, on the contrary, the addition of an additional logo, the North Caucasus product of ECO, to become a quality sign," he said.

It is planned that the right to use the brand will be granted for one year, after which re-certification will be required.

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