Pharmaceutical Products Of Moscow

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Gold Sad: useful to the body

Hand work by a Greek liver with wild rice and lemon, a bottom sunflower with a onion juice, mixed on the mountain water by an Italian pasta, a Swiss nectar of dico-creasing bras, a unique Portuguese candy from the stem from the porn, goat milk and a pancake farm. There are no accidental products on the shelves of the new Gorod Sad shop, for every story, the author and not one month of search.

A unique collection of agricultural, interesting Russian and certified imported bioproducts has been collected in the search for a balance between taste and use. In addition to vegetables, fruits and baccalaureates, the store has its own culinary, which does not use cream oils, salts, sugars and taste militants.Есть с умом: где в Москве искать экофуд (фото 1) Chef Sergei Besin carefully ensures that meat is clean from antibiotics and GMOs and vegetables and fruits grown without fertilizer. All desserts are based on farmers ' products, with special emphasis on gluten-free properties. Sugar in many recipes has been replaced by agawa, wheat flour in cheesecakes, half-boo, and maffinah to corn.

Allfoods: vegetables, fruits and other products

Allfoods on the Patriarchs isn't just selling food, it's a bit of a feeling every step. I came in to buy a bunch of fresh greens, and I couldn't stop, and I went out with a full basket of stuff. Because one's clinging to another, and it turns out that there's nothing to buy in a literal sense: fresh bread and aromatic olive butter on it, which means squeezing cucumbers with juicy tomatoes, and the wine's a good one, and it's not like taking rubber groves and colored berries and shower cheese.

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