Organic Ukrainian Products

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Organic products.

Today, the healthy meals module, which is an integral part of the lives of millions of people in Western Europe and the United States, came to Ukraine. Food is primarily natural or “organic” products, as they are called around the world.

This product shall be determined by three parameters:

organic matter

organic ingredients

· Process.

Organic cheese

Organic cheese is the foundation of clean and natural food. There are different requirements in different countries, but there are a number of common features.

In Europe, fresh manure is prohibited from entering the soil less than 120 days before harvesting the crop, the edible part of which is directly related to the soil surface or particles. There is also a system of organic rules in livestock.

The manufacturer shall not use veterinary drugs, including hormonal growth stimulants, slurry residues or urine, mammals or poultry by-products of slaughter.

Organic agriculture prohibits genetic modification of crops and animals. Such standards in agriculture and livestock make organic matter expensive.

Organic ingredients

In addition to raw materials, the product consists of different ingredients, without which they will not be used in the production of a complex product: foams, fillers, painters, preservatives. It's natural and artificial. Organicly consider ingredients derived from natural raw materials only without synthetic elements.

Despite their merits, they have a number of disadvantages: for example, natural painters are fragile to temperatures, low-intensity decorations and extremely expensive production.

Market Organic

The organic food market is most developed in the United States. There are global supermarket chains where organic food is sold. Some of them produce organic products under their own brand

Organic foods in the Ukrainian market are almost all foreign production, mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Norway, Germany. Specialized stores where such products are sold, even in Kiev, literally units. Nevertheless, Ukrainian products have become available. The Big House Company, a leading Ukrainian enterprise in the market for beaned ruptures, has produced a series of organic ruptures under the trademark of "Giveen." The Novokuran Breads Company produces a series of products from Organica TM Hercules.

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