Organic Modifications

Средство для мытья посуды

Мойкон. Для посуды.

PH-neutral universalmoisture♪ Efficiently cleans all surfaces, cafeteria and laboratory dishes, tools, care items, toys and other articles from various types of pollution - fat, protein, painters, as well as old and burning residues of food and other organic pollutants. When hydrated, the vehicle has low foaming. It doesn't contain blows, painters. The main difference from other similarly used drugs is rapid and complete commutation.

Purchasing device based on non-ionogenic PAHs. Before the disinfection of the surfaces pre washed by MYCON, there is no need for militia. A combination of substances that increase the permeability of the substance in the depth of the old contamination and reduce the adhesive properties of the pollutants to different surfaces is included in the Meikon alkali.

Prepared to be used for the treatment of organic acid-based sanitary equipment. The delicate clean-up of the glazing surfaces is guaranteed, as the means do not have abrasion. The oil of the tea tree ensures the rapid removal of unpleasant smells and the long refreshing effé

Мойкон. Щелочной Унисан

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