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26 2014

Congratulate us with the firstborn!

For three years, we've been working hard on the Internet store, and it's borne fruit. The day was the opening of the first offline of our Lavka shop!

During the month, we didn't have any active activity on the Internet, and you probably thought we were resting, but no, we were working on the other side. And now, we're back, and we're back to the new, grown-ups. The tired, but the happy ones, we do what the soul stands for!

From 9 a.m. to 21 a.m. at the Achmatova 50 Ul.A. 50 (from the Antoshka store, along the wooden fence) we'll be happy to see you at our shop. Come to meet our team in person, and try the products you're interested in to make sure they're perfect.

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