Organic Cleaning Materials Of Russian Production

Eco moisture
Надо сказать, что органические

How does it help to create a safe atmosphere in the room? Can domestic chemistry be safe to get rid of old stains, limestone sediments that burn fat, persistently unpleasant smell, dust mites (asthma) and allergens?

Safe cleaning materials - working principle

Such funds are natural, their melting foundation is derived from plant and mineral components. Environmental and dermatological control is mandatory. Each formula is designed in such a way that any owner can easily obtain a shining purity in the house, without harming his health and preserving the environment. Moreover, modern science now allows not only safe convoys but also highly concentrated. And in our store, you will find a lot of non-chemistry that will help you control and reduce the cost of cleaning, that is, substantially saving.

That's why. the sale of cleaning materials based on natural components He's getting popular.

What's the best thing to buy cleaning materials?

After a detailed examination of today ' s market for eco-trusts and after many personal experiments, we have chosen several lines of mosquito from the household chemistry that we would be happy to recommend to you. This list, of course, will gradually be filled.

- moistures with harmless bacteria that can easily handle any organic pollution, while maintaining a good microbiological climate in the house. There's a domestic and professional line.

- environmentally sound washing powder without phosphates and chlorine. Betain is built to ease the tissue and the natural antiseptic of the faith. In the variety of powders for colour, white, underwear, and universal. St. Petersburg production.

- Universal liquid cleaners of a new generation with low foaming that meets human security, ecologicality, economy and efficiency. Russia, Moscow.

♪ It's a completely new idea of purifying the surfaces. It is not based on contaminating pollution, namely, dirt from a variety of surfaces.

- Safe cleaning materials from Germany, with very strict dermatological control.

- Environmental cleaning tools (Germany) specially designed to assist allergy and asthmatics. There's no smell, hypo allergenes.

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