Joint Purchases Of Eco-Farm Products

Hyde: vegetarian deliveries in Samre

It is much more difficult to be good than bad: to give up meat, industrial cooking, and to learn to turn garbage into recycling, but it is often impossible. However, the trend towards ethical lifestyles in the big city has already increased sub-cultures and is gaining turnover, there have been several services in Samara recently for the delivery of vegan products, and we have chosen the most powerful of them.

" Ji " does not pursue aggressive policies to deny animal food.

The vegetarian delivery of delicious and useful food is a pretty good service: the make of the stamps sends the orders to the top on the bike in fashion motorcycle glasses. " Zhi " does not pursue aggressive policies to deny animal food, but simply shows that there is a simple and convenient alternative for it. Eco-direction of brand occurs in all: package of biodegradable products, farm products, and they pass a nitrate test.

The service will be fully operational on 15 November, but the kitchen can be tested in advance in a single name eco-restorne. There's a daily business lunch in the menu: salad, first, second and drink. Drinks are great: e.g., steamed cocktails or smurfs, loaded with energy not worse than a cup of coffee, and vitamins just fell. The blues are vegetarian. Dairy productsVegan and cheese. Restaurance is based on 8 compartments in the 5-key valley, and there are regular thematic dinners without alcohol, but with the Vegetarian vodka. The recipe is kept secret, but they say it's fun like real.

This Internet store is a real discovery for those who follow food, tend to be allergic and prefer eco-products. Superfudes, halfway and green Greeks are all here.

The product selection is huge. For example, there are ad hoc breezes called " vegan parmesan " : they not only replace cheese in different dishes, but also solve the problem of fat animals by filling the vitamin deficit of group B. Another modular thing is a psychllium, a flour from the cuts of a roadblock that is used for a smooth and low-carbon boiler.

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