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Oo Ecoproduct
молоко питьевое 3,2% от

Свинина 2-3-я категории, РБGentlemen,

OO *ECPRODUCT* is the official dealer of the Republic of Belarusian meat refineries in the territory of the Russian Federation, i.e.: OAO *Minsk meatloombinat*, OAO *Witebian meatloombinat*, OAO * Volkovis meatloombinate */ Room p/f. Minsk p/f et al.

All prices are calculated on the basis of a minimum shipment of 18-20 tons, taking into account VAT and delivery to Spb, Moscow and Moscow. The transport component shall be counted when supplied to the regions of the Russian Federation. All products are certified.

Prepayment 100%, b/n, contract, specifications, delivery schedule and payments.

With respect,

Best regards,

Executive Director of the EKPRODUCT

Address: 111024, Moscow, 2nd Entusiasts, D.5, Corp.40, Office 303

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