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Ermolaev bureau: " Combustion code " as a victor recipe

Ermolaev BureauWe spoke to Vlad and Vika Ermolaev a few days after the results of European Design Awards 2015 were known, at which Ermolaev Bureau not only won several awards, but also took over the status of the year ' s agency (discounted, the call of the award organizers caught them by surprise, interrogated several times, not a mistake). There are two more cannes in the hands of the bureau: gold for an ID and dairy products of the Black Cheburashkin and bronze for a package for them.

Молочная ферма братьев ЧебурашкиныхThe cooperation of the Ermolaev and Chebourashkins is an infrequent case in the brending of a trusted and understandable mutual promotion: entrepreneurs are talking about the design of their products in each success-story and dedicate the concept of packaging to a separate page in their network representation, and the bureau consistently maintains the name of the brand in the world competitive areas. This happy synergistic sympathetic stirring brothers into the market, practically not wasting on advertising (the supermarkets announcements and the tasting, not counting), and the Ermolaev Bureau offered a rare opportunity to develop a fascinating multi-serious story without a little bit of rights and stylist compromises.

It's not always been smooth.Молочная ферма братьев Чебурашкиных There were moments when designers were simply unable to move on, for example, during patent disputes with the Uspensky (this absurd story was extensively discussed in the media) when brothers tried to register their own old name, which was much earlier than the famous person. Landscape studies have also been carried out: Vlad and Vic are recognized that at first there was no information on consumers, competitors or price. final product - I had to go deep into the research. It's funny that there's no feeling that the bureau was following the branding agencies' way, with an analysis of sectoral stereotyping, pole interviews and focus groups. I think it's more like the dairy shelves have been quiet once, and the Hermolaev has finally come to speak, and Russian milk has been sounding new.

Молочная ферма братьев Чебурашкиных Молочная ферма братьев Чебурашкиных 08_wtp-589x340.jpg Молочная ферма братьев Чебурашкиных
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