Eco Oil Products

Evkurov: Chinese businessmen intend to supply eco-products from inhalation
Товары для творчества и хобби

Глава Республики Ингушетия Юнус-Бек Евкуров. Архивное фотоNALCHIK, 29 July, RIA News. Chinese businessmen intend to develop agricultural production in the territory of Ingushetia in order to deliver environmentally sound products to their homeland, stated in the interview of RIA News the Head of the Republic of Yunus-Bek Evkurov.

Chinese businessmen were interested in agricultural and commercial logistics projects. The site is now being developed in 100 hectares, of which 50 hectares are being shipped to thermal production and 50 to the logistics centre. Our PRC partners intend to grow green products in Ingushetia and send them to China, elite restaurants and other institutions, said Evkurov.

According to him, goods from the Pacific region would be brought back from China. "Let's get out of here, from the logistics center, they'll be selling them off to the neighbouring regions of the North Caucasus," he clarified the head of the Republic.

He said that, as part of an agreement signed in June this year with the Huasin Chinese Energy Company, the modernization of old oil wells and the development of oil deposits in Ingushetia were being pursued.

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