Disclosure Of The Myth Of The Czech Prices Of Organic Products In The Dry

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There is a steady myth in Russia that conventional cheap products in America are completely unedible, have rubber tastes, and normal, i.e., organic products (i.e., free of chemistry, GMO and other additives) are very expensive and average Americans are inaccessible. He even heard the view that one organic cucumber in America was worth $4, while the minimum basket of products per person was $1,000 per month, or five times more than inorganic food.
I'm not gonna argue about the tastes, maybe Bush's legs seem really bad, but I'd like to show you the difference between organic products at the price and the usual. It is clear that the majority of people living in America belong to the middle class (pay ~ $50,000 per year) and purchase products in shops where the price is much lower than the usual shops spread across the country.
The most popular are the wholesale trade networks of BiJace and Costco. The prices are much lower than the average in other stores, for example, if the packing of large eggs in the regular store is about $3, Bijice is slightly more than $1. But as these wholesale shops, less than five (five) can't be bought. In addition, the annual BJB is worth about $40, but it's unnamed and can be used for all people who don't feel sorry for it. So you can buy a bonus for a few families and it'll be almost free. Bidgeis is also available. Purchase organic products
So, organic food in the U.S. is supposed to be very expensive. The example always shows the famous network of Whole Foods stores. Is it really more expensive than five times the Aleksandr3 blogger? There's one American post, followed by a blogger discussion, which compares the prices of this store to the prices of the ordinary merchandise. To whom to read, I'll bring a screaming comparison of some products.

Is that really a robbery in the middle of the day?

Now we'll move on to organic prices in BJ. The first violinchate is a leaf spike. The last pdette was made in December 2012, i.e., prices have not changed since then. Organic food, orange, natural, naturally, the latter is also organic.

(1) For starters, natural sausages from Applegate. Their price is a little higher than the neural sausages.

(2) Here's natural sausages. 24 grand, the total weight of the package 680 grams, the prices aren't wild either.

(5) Organic oil. $7 (210 roubles) for almost 1 kg. The price from the firm's site for one package. Much more expensive than BJ. Compare the price for the usual oil.

(6) Natural yogurt prices. Harder than usual.

(7) The famous Lifway Kefir. Is released in Illinois by emigrants from the USSR. $3 per litre.

9) Pizza is organic and natural.

(10) olive organic oil is the same price as simple oil.

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