Catalogue Of Organic Food Producers - flagship launch-up of the Rossia organic market
производства органических


On 2 July 2015, the registration of the first national standard for the production of organic foods in Russia became known. This event coincided almost with the date of the official launch of the information portal, the main objective of which is the formation and integration of the eco/bio/organic industry.

The new IT platform, located in the international zone .bio, combines an information resource, a communication site and an electronic database of green industry companies.

The portal consists of two main sections: Novelty and CATALOG is a convenient electronic database for producers, distributors, sellers, processors and buyers of green goods and services. CATALOG is a unique project with no similarities in its field. It brought together better solutions and expanded such foreign portals to provide background information on green industry participants. Registration CATALOG It allows an eco/bio/organic company to be declared to the community, more customers, a dispersed eco/bio/organic in one communications platform.

The Novosi section is the only specialized media in Russia for eco-bio/organic professionals, where, together with events, reports, analyses, blogs of specialists and direct players of the industry are represented. Under the heading " Bio or not Bio " , products with pseudo certificates can be found, and a drafting investigation may be ordered into the legality of the use of eco-certificates by producers. Also on the website, anyone wishing to ask questions to specialists Natural Spaceorganic agriculture or environmental marketing and certification experts.

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