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What's a year coming for us?
Перспективный бизнес
What is generally agreed is that currency fluctuation, as well as the complication of relations in the international arena, will certainly affect price increases, so the retail cost of subsistence products will be increased. This applies not only to imported brands, but also to domestics that buy raw materials abroad, they will also have to renegotiate their prices to offset the cost of cosmetics. Of course, the struggle for clients has not been overturned, and every businessman will have to find his own way of preserving and increasing the client base.

Looking at the last few weeks, there's a large number of Internet maggasines selling not only natural cosmetics, but also Organic food♪ Magazines try to provide maximum discounts not only to keep clients, but also to enable them to buy their favorites at old prices.

" Every day, we receive information letters from our producers about price increases and try to notify the customers immediately, by Karina Memedlayev, Director of Marketing 4fresh. - We're trying to keep prices at the same level wherever we can. But if the rise is inevitable, we agree with suppliers on shares and discounts to allow buyers to buy their favourite items at old prices. Ultimately, with a delay of one month, but we also have to raise prices after suppliers. "

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