Novels And Trends In Natural Cosmetics

создании марки натуральной

Sonderschau BreezeOn 13-16 February, a BioFach exhibit/Vivaness 2013 was held in Nuremberg. The exhibit has traditionally been divided into two large parts: bio-products (BioFach) and natural organic cosmetics (Vivaness).

Popular German brands of natural cosmetics: Lavera, Logona, Dr. Hauschka was held close by occupying the central part of the cosmetic pavilion. They had noise and fun. The walls of other European producers, big and small, but somehow more boring. The American organization was presented at a very precise point: Aubrey Organics and Burt’s Bees, maybe another missing person.на стенде Sante A little out of the way, but our Natura Siberica was representative. And in the corners, small lots of surprises: Italian lipsticks, menstrual cups from Finland, a crazy-natural soap from Holland, which is in fact in Palestine.

Prior to the entrance to the cosmetic pavilion, Vivaness novels were traditionally presented: young independent brands and new products from large children. Frau Elfreda Dambacher (Elfriede Dambacher), an in-kind expert, conducted a press tour on cosmetics.

vivaness news kivviFrau Dambacher drew attention to the young Latvian brand Kivvi, which is the product of caring for the skin of a person and body currently under European bio-certification. In addition, on the male line of the Swiss Farfalla, its founder, as a brilliant parfumer of " appropriate age " (whatever it means), has created an effective cosmetics for men that reduces the man ' s wrinkles by 25 per cent.

French CATTIER, in partnership with German Kneipp, released a new toothpaste, and Lavera created a blush for men with sensitive skin.

In the word, the novel was as good as the range in our bioshoots.

Frau Dambacher highlighted the exceptional functionality of the new Weleda shampoo, which gave rise to the English-language press presented by the American, Brazilian and that--- he is a Russian named LookBio, surround her tight ring and ask some questions about the functionality of the natural cosmetics.

LookBio: We in Russia have the idea that natural cosmetics are good for health, but it is not functional, it does not solve certain skin problems.

Эльфреда Домбахер представляет прессе новинки Vivaness 2013 vivaness news weleda shampoo

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