Natural Pigs For Cosmetics

In-kind components
Ярмарка Мастеров. Натуральные

Starting to do aromocosmetics from zero, I, like any newcomer, felt a clear lack of information. I've had to get the most basics from different sources.

More or less systematizing what I found, decided to start this mailing with a description of the components for cosmetics to make it clear what was being used for.


Ethical oils are a smelling mixture of liquid volatile substances from plant materials. They use airborne oils, during massage (basic oil additive), in aromavannas, and finally, for us the most interesting, in aromaticsmetics. With air oils, 70 per cent of skin defects can be removed. Keeping air oils is better in closed lockers. Except for citrus oils, they prefer the fridge.

Base oils- The name speaks for itself. Extract from kernels, seeds and fruits of plants through cold press. Applicable for the massage of the person and body, for the purification of the person, for the care of the hair, as a basis for cream, for addition to cosmetical oils.

Butter (Butter) is a fat vegetable oil that keeps cremotic or solid consistence at room temperature. Batteries are widely used in the manufacture of oily massage plates, natural crems and skin care, scrub and hand-washing. Batteries are used both in clean form and in mixtures with base vegetable oils.

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