Natural Cosmetics Tm Chocolatte

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Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресницTM Chocolatte is 100% natural cosmetics created in the Siberian Reserve from vegetable oils, fruit juices, grass extractions, sea salts and other natural ingredients.

I've heard about this stamp a long time ago, read the feedback, and finally ordered a few means to test it - everything didn't get the hands to do it before. I've selected four products I'll tell you in this post.

1. Miner bullet.

It is designed to mask flaws, test, compare skin tone, give it an internal plug and velvet.


Pigments are very small, so the product is just a thin layer that is not visible on its face even at a distance of kiss. It's good to equalize the tone, masks minor flaws, dissolves the lights. He doesn't get caught in the porridge and he doesn't roll into the wrinkles.

Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресницThe degree of coating from light to medium, but if necessary, the cord can be emitted. I didn't notice the decline in the valley-- skin starts to bleed in a couple of hours, like any other subtle means.

I've chosen a shade of #02 natural. He turned out to be a light wave for the summer, so he mixed up with another bullet of a darker shade, which was described in the Mineral Space article from the website.

Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресницSince tanium comes from me pretty fast, I'm almost perfect now, so I can use this product in the fall, winter and spring.

2. Roller No. 1.

Natural oil has been created to stimulate growth, prevent fallout and breakage.

The media has a nice brush like a carcase. It needs to be wrapped around the length of the eyelashes after taking out the makeup every month. Excess to clean dry wattt tampon, avoiding eye contact.

Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресницI've been using more than a month, but I haven't seen a clear result. Slashes haven't been longer or shorter, 1-2 times a day as before.

It is understandable because it's 100% natural product without hormones or stimulants. Couldn't your eyelashes grow up like a bimatom.

If you're inclined to eat, it's better to use the butter in two to three hours before sleep, necessarily taking off the residues, or in the morning, if you don't plan to paint, because it's increasing the morning smell around your eyes.

Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресниц Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресниц Натуральная косметика, Органическая косметика, Chocolatte, альгинатная маска, минеральная пудра, бальзам для губ, масло для ресниц

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