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Examples of Russian cosmetics
В течение многих веков

Бальзам СливочныйOur company ' s production is a tribute to the people ' s traditions, a natural Russian cosmetics, not only in the recipe, but also in the name (Wolshba is a traditional poetry term, the root and synonym of the words of the Wizard). Russian Spacein our understanding, it is products based on Russian People ' s Recipes for Cosmetics. At the same time, we continue to have a traditional way of creating a hand-operated cosmetics.

Лосьон для чувствительной кожи РомашковыйCarefully selected (based on scientific research) of the most popular Russian People ' s Recipes, the most effective and useful natural ingredients, have become the foundation of our cosmetics.

Cosmetics from honey and salt, outdoors (through soap and other motels) used in Russi as personal hygiene tools in traditional Russian baths.

It's literally a new word in the Russian cosmetics, one of the homos (favored in the vitamins of the people) of the lotions, with the addition of the rumb extract, the name of the Russian nature of the plant.

A dry cosmetic technique based on Russian People ' s Recipes, a peas mask for hair and an egg shampoo, with a set of health-friendly Russian Nature Darov.

Another version of the dry Russian cosmetics, which consists of: propolis, Roma, Kalendula, Mita, Shafei, animal and other useful means recognized in popular prescriptions.

Receptor of natural Russian cosmetics

People ' s recipes were built at all times on the constituents ' healing properties and were meant to be used immediately after preparation. Most natural ingredients are perishable, biologically active substances, and therefore cannot be delivered to the consumer in an appropriate state. The use of various antibiotics and synthetic conservatives, analysts and substitutes with an unlimited storage period is ultimately characterized by broad-based products with the fantasy-nostalgical title " natural cosmetics " . Our company has solved the problem by using it. Natural Preservatives - Ceolita (natural mineral), salt, clay, honey, wax and other Russian nature gifts. It should be further clarified that salts are lake or sea, as conventional welded salt is 99 per cent chemical reagent (sodium chloride), which is not recommended for even food, without extreme need.

Шампунь для волос Восстанавливающий Очистка для проблемной кожи лица Целебная
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