Mustaeva: Two Types Of Soap

Косметика Спивакъ — фотография

In this review, I'll tell you about the hand-work mouse, totally natural, beautiful and interesting. This is the soap from the Master Olesi Mustaeva. The name is unusual, but it corresponds to the content. It's a workshop, not a Manufactur or a factory. All stages of production, ranging from selection to actual soap-making, are carried out, as in the old, by one master, by the Olesei Mustaeva. And only for packing a lot of soap, she's got assistants.
Someone's gonna say that the feedback on these brute products isn't relevant, but I don't think so. This soap is being sold in Casani at exhibitions (where I brought it), at several casan stores and on the internet store with the possibility of delivery (cstats, just in case, I remind you that the comments "where to buy" are prohibited by the rules, so if you write it in the box). It's so interesting that I thought it was necessary to write about.

What's special about this soap? In addition to manual work, soap production is cold (without temperature exposure) and natural composition (including without artificial aromometers and painters), the cosmetics from the Masters have two more interesting features. First, all products are aromatized by air oils, the unique combinations of which Olexia is itself. Second, in soap-making, whole home-based milk or goat milk products are used instead of water. The soap contains natural milk protein, which very well mitigates the skin.
Cossier milk for the Masters comes from a small family farm 50 kilometres from Kazani, the family holds 19 goats in the deaf village, which ends with milk for both the family and the lucky neighbours and soap.
On the other hand, other animal products (internal fat and products from it) are not used as raw materials: mixture, lanolin, stearinic acid, glycerin. Also not using alcohol. That's an interesting cosmetics - I'd say it's not only natural but ethical.

Let's go to the soap. I'll tell you two things in this post.

Masters Olesi Mustaeva: The natural soap of the hand work "For You" with a silk on the goat of milk.
Composition: sodium salts of fatty acids of vegetable oils, water, glycerin, silk protein, protein of cosiego milk, a combination of ether oils "For You."

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