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10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика — Красота на WonderzineExtreme price, indestruct packaging and other deficiencies of eco-products

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Buy it. our organic cosmetics, and you save the world.Make the planet better/support women in Zimbabwe who collect macadamia nuts for five dollars per month/prevent dangerous “chemical” ingredients”, have brought us together in recent years and stamps that support ecotrend and many media.10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика. Изображение № 1. Do you have a lot of organic cosmetics at home? No? We'll tell you why.

The appearance of a banana is its weight, prints, color is 80% of cosmetics. When an organic cosmetics bank certified by EcoCert from and until is in the area 2,000 to 3,000 roubles and looks 300, something doesn't fit in the head. The reasons are understandable: EcoCert requires not only the fields on which plants grow, the plants themselves, the final formula, but also the package. Plastic should be decompose, paint on the plate, too. As a result, the bowls come out invisible. Yeah, not everything. But the organisms are so small, and there's not enough to find a brand with a beautiful package.

Organic cosmetics are expensive. It also includes natural care (the use of fertilizers on the fields where ingredients grow, soil needs to be treated safely) and business ethics (as long as competitors pay for African women in five dollars, we pay 15 and build school) and certification fees. EcoCert arrives to certify the production of a particular consignment of a particular product at each stage. As a result, the price of organic products may be even higher than the normal cosmetics, and the producer will still be twice the profits.

10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика. Изображение № 2. 10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика. Изображение № 3. 10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика. Изображение № 4. 10 причин моей ненависти: Органическая косметика. Изображение № 5.

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