Meitan Cosmetics

Добавив в смузи ложку

The notion of beauty is inextricably linked to health. Without good health, it is impossible to achieve external beauty, preserve it and maintain it throughout life. However, this proven fact is far from being taken into account by all modern producers of both decorative and caring cosmetics.

The choice of a suitable cosmetic means isn't that simple. It is important to take into account many different factors, including:

  • Relevance of assets to needs and objectives
  • Space safety and hygiene
  • Effect of its use

Main activity of Maitan Company - Production Natural Space from natural components, using ancient eastern recipes and modern technologies. For now natural cosmetics Maitan is produced in China, Thailand, India and Russia. The name was not randomly chosen: "Maitan" in translation from Chinese, the Temple of Beauty.

To date, the Company offers more than 400 unique cosmetics and hygienic items under the MayTan trademark developed at the leading cosmetics plants in southern China.

Space Maitan Exclusive, carefully tested and conducted in strict international ISO standards. Moving exclusively through company consultants. Used MayTan, you can be absolutely certain of the high quality and exclusiveness of every means produced under our trademark.

Maitan Space - is the widest range of caring for the face, skin around the eye, hair care, caring for the whole body, mouthwash, medical cosmetology, as well as decorative cosmetics and non-repetitive aromatics. Mathen produces many different champoons, masks, etc.

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