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Описание франшизы натуральной

ELIXAN AROMATICA, located in the Swiss town of Gaville, the leading European firm for the production and sale of air oils and some food additives. She has proven to be a reliable partner and producer of high-quality products. Many steam and cosmetic producers in Western Europe are familiar with her air oils.

ELIXAN AROMATICA is paying special attention to the production of air oils. Technology for the receipt and treatment of air oils has been developed according to the last word of equipment, which has the highest quality and purity of products.

The quality of air oils produced is controlled by gas chromatographic and chromat-mass-spectrometry research methods. Due to the high quality, efficiency and purity of ELIXAN oils, their use is permitted even in Swiss hospitals. In addition, ELIXAN AROMATICA produces special oils that are used in the maternity offices of Swiss clinics.

That is why our company turned its eyes on ELIXAN AROMATICA, which produces for VIVASAN not only high-quality air and basic oils, but also new natural BADs that will enter our market in the near future.

COSVAL products are manufactured in Switzerland at their own production, and only packaging and further marketing are carried out in Italy.

COSVAL is closely linked to Swiss companies SWISSCAPS and Dr.DUENNER, whose products are marketed in the world market in most cases also through COSVAL. COSVAL is an innovative company, a market leader in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, for the production of naturally friendly hair paints (without ammonia) and treatment shampoos based on gold, unique wholesale and balsam, and revolutionary cosmetics against skin ageing.

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