Conventional And Natural Space Differences

The bright paints, the stunning makeup, the pleasant aromatics... are there organic decorative cosmetics?
натуральной косметики от

There's a lot to say about the damage to the Conventional instruments of decorative cosmetics. It's also heavy metal content in lipads and synthetic resins as flammers, and oil refineries in a oil base, and, of course, synthetic paints and aromatizers (where without them...).

But organizational fans are very lucky. Many responsible producers have established lines of completely natural decorative cosmetics, some even certified as an organic. As a result, lip glazing can be literally eaten, and eyelash machines don't annoy sensitive centuries. I mean, it's so important to look attractive, and to know that olive makeup doesn't hurt skin health!

What secret? How created natural decorative cosmetics?

The main difference between natural cosmetics is mineral and plant formulas. Silicones, synthetic fats and emulgators, parabenes, artificial painters and aromatizers are excluded. Using special micro-neutral pigments, saturated flowers can be achieved, which have long been persistent. The rationale behind the development of comfortable texture is the special technology of micronization, where minerals and vegetables are blured to microparticles.

The base usually consists of vegetable oils and extracts, as well as natural minerals. The emulsions and structural components are chelic wax, grammaric, resin of senegal, candell and carnaubian wax. The dry base of compact funds often uses rice or corn edges, saliva, Titan dioxide and zinc oxide. Cubic components: natural mineral pigments (frequent iron oxides). Parafumeral composites are collected only by natural oils. And antioxidants (vitamin C and E) who support the integrity of the cosmetic formula and its safety.

As a result of small labour, organic producers have created virtually all forms of habitual decoration: consilers, thin bases, rubber, carcasses and wires, the shadows of all textur, pencils, lipsticks, lipsticks and bronzers.

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