Basis Of Cremation Of Natural Household Cosmetics

Home cremation: the way to healthy beauty
Домашний скраб для губ

домашнее кремоварениеCreaming is a hobby useful for health and beauty. A natural home cosmetics will help you look after your face and body with natural ingredients. What's cremation? What components might be needed to prepare a home cream? What good would that fascination do? All these questions you'll find answers in this article. In addition, our author will share with you his recommendations and prescriptions for domestic cosmetics. You'll also be able to look at a few classrooms for starters.

домашнее кремоварениеEach of us dreams of keeping the young skin as long as possible and a similar appearance. But how do you do that if the usual shampoo contains harmful sulphates and the face cream is almost entirely composed of the Mendeleev table? I asked that question five years ago. And by spending a few sleepless nights on the Internet, I found the answer is home cremation.

What's cremation?

If earlier, when we mentioned the word " natural organic cosmetics " , we presented masks consisting of the contents of the refrigerator, it is now emulsions with smooth consusivity and light, unobsessive aromats.

You'd think creaming was a new phenomenon. But also ancient Egyptian, Greek and Rome women were caring for their skin with natural oil mixtures (the special honor was coconut and olive oil). And the first cream (usually for us) appeared only at the dawn of the twentieth century.

I think you'll be much more pleasant and calmer in the shower, too, when you'll be able to put glycerin in front of silicons rather than glycerin, but safe mixtures of natural oils with hydrolats (which are later) and active components. So welcome to the world of cremation!

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