11 Steps To Long Hair!

Косметика на основе термальной

1. Add one drop of Bay air oil to the shampoo.

2. Put your hair on the roots with relay, almond, castor oil. Have a good bite: a food film + a towel. We can warm up a phenomenon. This will increase the penetration of useful substances into the head skin. Hold from one hour to night. Smashing the shampoo, sometimes it takes to wash until 3 times. Apply 1-2 times a week for at least two months.

3. Put your hair on the roots of a 1-2-hour peppermint, you can mix with oils. Put your head on polyethylene. Smash the shampoo.

4. Hot mask

5. Head massage. Every night before bed, you don't want to massage your head for at least five minutes. It'll increase the circulation.

6. Suitable diet: more fruit, vegetables, non-fish meat butterfly productsnuts, seeds. In the morning, you can drink 1 st.l. lnny or olive oil - at first greedy, but in a month, you get used to it. :

Eliminate what drys - alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, black tea, can't be too spicy, salty heat, add more vitamins;

7. Smash a piece of bread, smash in water or kefire. We'll put the cushion on the roots of the hair for 30 minutes - 1 hour, as usual. Smash the shampoo.

8. Pepper oil + vitamin

9. We'll have to compare the tips at least once every three months. That's how the growth will be visible, and you'll be out of your hair. It's good to have a haircut with hot scissors, good master. It's just that haircut is regular.

10. Lung oil mask
You're gonna need a lung butter, a shower cap, a boiling water pot.
We pour oil into the plate. We worship our head over the pots and wait for the glasses. 20 before the head skin warms. We put oil on the fence, we wash. If it's left, it's all over the length. We're wearing a hat on top of the barrel, we're gonna bite a towel, and we're going like that for hours and longer. Do it twice a week.

11. As little chemical exposure as possible as paint. Also, hair doesn't like thermal effects - delete phenas, badges, cliffs. At least cut it!

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