The League Of Environmental Journals Delivers A Statue For The Ridiculous Equators

В Мультимедиа Арт Музее

The Moscow Environmental Journal League has set up an anti-primium in the form of a two-metre ditch, to be awarded for the most ridiculous ecotovards and eco-projects, informed the News RIA of the Vice-President of the League and the editor-in-chief of the Ecograd magazine, Igor Panarin.

"The league meeting established an environmental anti-primium in the form of a ditch of 220 centimetres, an anti-prise of the Golden Malina, with an indelible invitation to the antihero. There are options for making it from a tree (to be heavy) or plastic (to be harmful). It is intended to be delivered by a public review of the most ridiculous ecotovars and eco-projects, said Panarin.

According to the Agency ' s interlocutor, the first anti-premi delivery will take place in Moscow on 5 June, Environmental Day. In doing so, the public debate on the most ridiculous ecots and services will begin shortly on the website. Also, the villagers can offer their names for the anti-primium.

The League of Environmental Journals was established in the capital in December 2013 to assist in the implementation of the new environmental policy (NEP) of the Moscow authorities. It included the journal of the Capital Department of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection, Ecograd, Ecology and Life magazines, Knowledge Sil, Animal World, Earth from Space, and sites, , , and others. The President of the League was the Chairman of the Commission on Environmental Policy of the Moscow City Duma, Vera Stepanenko.

As the head of the Moscow Department of Environmental Management and Protection of the Environment, Anton Kulbachevski, said in early December at the IV All-Russian Congress on Environmental Protection, the environmental situation in the capital requires a new environmental policy (NEP). The following basic blocks were identified in the policy components: urban transport, household waste, water use, energy conservation, greening and housing.

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