Phyt’s On The Ural Green Market


On October 3th, your first birthday on Ural noted Marquet beauty and health! Exhibits, natural cosmetics, food, axes from natural materials were represented at the Ekaterinburg exhibition.

The experience of participating in such an event was not only new but also useful. It was gratifying to learn that an increasing number of people were beginning to share the concept of “Bio”. There were many visitors to Green Market: youth, older generation, couples.

We have been tasked with presenting the “Fits” to a wider audience, talking about the philosophy of the brand and its uniqueness. We've been looking for conspirators and found them. We have some misstatements that we will necessarily take into account with the next such exhibition (possibly another Green Marquet will take place in February 2016). But now, we can boldly say that our goal has been achieved! We have spoken to our permanent clients, and most importantly, the PHYT’S brand has new fans that are close to the brand concept. They love the stamp!

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