Ecotovars In Roses


Хорошую муку купить не просто. еще сложнее - найти хорошую ржаную -Interest in wholesale products has been steadily increasing over the past 10-15 years. This is partly due to the frustration of dietologists and the vastly worst masses of protein diet, which have led to many health problems in practice. Partly - the industry ' s desire to offer consumers more useful charcoal products in lieu of computed white bread, macaron, sliphated rice. Now, even far from dietology, people know that products of refined grains are not very healthy because they have extra weight and diabetes. Their main dignity is calorie, food value is small, as most vitamins and cages are removed in the process with grain, foetus and cuts.

However, all these valuable components contain whole cereals and evils, whether or not they are flourished or converted into cereal.

I found that the famous dietologist was right to produce high-quality foods in Russia that are equally delicious and useful.

1. Cylinder bio flour and Black bread bio-crup

It's not easy to buy a good flour, it's known to anyone who loves the oven. It's harder to find a good rusty, Greek or other flour. A company with a cute name, Black bread, produces a wholesale flour from wheat, rusty, ovine, and even halfway, a grain that is a wild ancestor of modern wheat. Such a flour is 100% resin grain. In addition, the company releases crups and cuts.

All products - flour and cereals - are classified as " beio " : this means that all of its cereal crops, Black bread, grows by organic farming standards, using no-bear technology for soil processing, no use of eggs, mineral fertilizers, growth stimulants and GMOs.

Вермишель и макароны из полбы - большая редкость в магазинах - портал♪ There are no pesticides, micoxins, heavy metals and other carcinogenic substances in our products, and Pavel Abramov, Black bread. According to him, the company had completed a voluntary certification scheme called BIO, confirming the quality and purity of products.

Where to buy: Black bread products are sold on Fermach, Ecotopia and LavkaLavka, Jagannat, I-Mne, Bionica Market, Organic Markets, Organic Market, etc.

Producer: Black bread

2. Wholesale macaroons and cereals from the Westeco Pole

Futurologists, people are returning to the use of forgotten cereals, which have shown themselves to be more resilient than modern varieties, without being nutritious and useful. For example, Vasteko produces all its large products - flour, rupture, cereal, macaron products - exclusively from the shelf.

Muku and the grove from the pond are sold in almost every healthy food store, and the hammer and macaroni are rare. They are of a more dark colour than wheat macaron products - as is the decent wholesale product.

- The green floor is covered with a very tight shell, so she's resistant to toxins and pollution, but it's hard to process - we, for example, had to re-equip the Italian equipment that caused a constant breakdown, told Oxan Dergunov's manager.

According to her, the production of products from such a difficult villain was largely made possible by the director of a company that is a real polba fan.

The quality of Westeco products confirm EU organic and Bio-Siegel environmental certificates.

Where to buy: Products from the Vesteco Semi are sold in many cities in Russia, more details can be found on the company ' s website. In Moscow, products can be purchased from Elysia and Ekotovara Internet stores.

Producer: Westeko, Lower Novgorod.

3. Airlines with Kalapush ' s phytocomponents

Imagine cereals made of whole grains (pestures, ruses, Greeks, rice, maize or oats) without sugar and canine, but with the addition of seeds of rushes, topinambura or capovnic, and you'll get the grain product of Kalepuca. Unlike traditional cereals, it is produced by biosaving technology, a method of short-term grain processing, which preserves all useful properties and maximum vitamins.

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