Ecotovars For Health

Buyers ' brochure: how to choose eco-labels: consumer guide
экотовары для здоровья

Today, more ecotovars and eco-services are emerging, both Russian and imported. These are food, beauty and health products, home and repairs, children ' s goods and textiles and electronics, assortium is constantly increasing. In stores, we often have statements about the greenness of the product, but unfortunately, not every producer's statement can be trusted, so the choice must be thoughtful.

So the modern buyer doesn't get trapped. Grinching (greenwashing, green company positioning, merchandise/services without sufficient justification), the Environmental Union has issued a manual that helps to guide the diversity of eco-products.


Using the recommendations, you can improve the quality of your life, protect your health and the environment from harmful effects.

“Eco-labelling. Customers ' guide ":

  • What an eco-product.
  • What " eco " and " organization " labels can be trusted.
  • How to distinguish goods with one or more environmental advantages.
  • How to determine the validity of the manufacturer ' s statement.
  • What warning signs are important to draw attention.
  • Hazardous substances should be avoided in cosmetics, domestic chemistry, child toys, lacs and paints for repairs and other goods.
  • What you get when you choose products with eco-labelling.
  • Useful resources for choosing eco-products.
  • What products in Russia are marked by the eco-labelling of the Life Line.

Choose products and services safe for health and the environment!

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